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Tree Talks Podcast is recorded and produced on lands of the Wurundjeri and Bunurong people.

The Show

Tree Talks is a podcast that delves into the world of trees and forests, exploring their fascinating biology, ecology, and cultural significance. Hosted by me, each episode features insightful conversations on a wide range of topics related to trees, including but not limited by their role in mitigating climate change, their relationship with other species, and their use in traditional medicine and spirituality. Through engaging discussions and storytelling, Tree Talks aims to deepen our understanding and appreciation of these essential components of our natural world. Whether you're a seasoned arborist or simply a nature enthusiast, this podcast offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for anyone interested in the magic of trees.


Different tree species

380 million

Years trees have been on this planet


Planet we all share

The Host

Born and raised in South Wales, UK Mona grew up with a deep passion for the natural world. Drawn to the beauty and complexity of trees and their surrounding ecosystems, and this led to a career in arboriculture.

As an arborist, Mona gained extensive knowledge and expertise in tree care, pruning, and maintenance, and has worked with a wide range of clients to help them preserve and enhance the natural beauty of their landscapes.

Mona is committed to engaging others in the wonder and importance of the environment around them, whether it be through educational programs, community outreach, or simply sharing experiences and insights.

Mona hopes to inspire others to appreciate and care for the natural world, and to build a more sustainable and harmonious relationship between humans and the environment.

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