Season 2 - Summer

2024 Tree Talks Podcast continues... Find out about the incredible speakers on the podcast and what they want to plug for you.

Episode 1 - Nurturing Communities through Arboreal Insights

Rebecca shares her expertise on the pivotal role trees play in fostering a sense of belonging and unity within communities.

Listeners are treated to an enlightening exploration of the symbiotic relationship between trees and the communities they inhabit, providing a compelling blend of ecological insights and legal considerations.

Episode 2 - Restorative Kindness to the Earth

Landscape designer and author of "We are the ARK: Returning Our Gardens to Their True Nature with Acts of Restorative Kindness", Mary Reynolds. Mary was the youngest contestant to win a gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2002 and her revolutionary journey at the time has been adapted into a film (Dare to Be Wild (2016)).

Episode 3 - Future of our Forests

Professor David Lindenmayer has spent several decades on research to help develop ways to improve integration of native forest harvesting and biodiversity conservation, new approaches to enhance biodiversity conservation and improve fire management practices in Australia. David has maintained some of the largest, long-term research programs in Australia, with some exceeding 38 years in duration.

Episode 4 - A Legends Tale

Kiah Martin one of Australia's outstanding arborists, not just for achieving world climbing status but also for her knowledge in the industry and the amount of work she has put in to enable the next generation to grow.

Husqvarna Ambassador, Kiah is a great example of a modern day arborist.

Episode 5 (Part 1) - Australian Tree Climbing Championship 2024

Tree Talks Podcast will go behind the scenes at the Australian Tree Climbing Championship 2024 at Treasury Gardens in Naarm (Melbourne), to talk to the event sponsors, organisers, volunteers and of course the climbers, to get a glimpse of what goes on in these events.

Episode 5 (Part 2)- Arboriculture Australia National Conference 2024

Tree Talks Podcast will go behind the scenes at the Arb Aus Conference 2024 at the MCG in Naarm (Melbourne), to talk to the event sponsors, organisers, volunteers and attendees, to find out more about the events and what people think about them.

Episode 7 - Tree Trifecta

Tree Talks Podcast spends some time catching up with Maria, a Bushfire/ Ecologist and Arboricultural Consultant from Victoria. Tree Talks got to know Maria through the Victorias Womens Workshops where Maria spoke about the connections and learnings Arborists and Ecologists can share to promote better outcomes. Listen to what else Maria has been up to, episode out now.

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